This Is A Collection Of Thoughts, Information, And Things To Help You When SHTF

I am not claiming to be an “Expert, a Teacher, an Instructor, or Anything Else”… What I am is someone who all of my life has lived through times, events, social chaos, and yes even natural and man made disasters which have not only affect me personally but everyone that was in that place. From everything I’ve ever learned, studied, researched, invented, and put together I’ve successfully been personally changed enough from the various walks of life I’ve been in, I’ve seen some of the best and some of the worst things life on this planet has to offer. Some may say I’ve lived more than my lifetime in experiences for as young as I am, but it only because I have not sat idle behind a computer or on the couch watching TV, but I’ve been out there in the thick of it taking opportunities as they’ve come along, and even inventing my own opportunities to make my own advancements.

You’ve never met anyone like me your whole life, and if you have met me you’ve not since forgotten your time with me, I change people’s lives, I open their eyes, and I’m not afraid to be different and be who I am. Don’t ever think I am someone who thinks highly of myself, because as far as I am personally concerned I’m at best no greater than equal to you, but I am not afraid to admit that people see me as greater, smarter, and capable of more than others. You see I am no different than you are, I just make different choices than everyone else, and hopefully by showing you how and why I think differently you can adapt, change, and excel yourself to become something so much more just by listening, paying attention, and thinking about the things I open your mind to seeing differently.

Life is short, learn all you can… When you really look at life its actually rather simple as are the mechanics of how things work, its society which want to make it appear and seem so complicated so others can appear smarter and more intellectual than you or me. Everyone should have the ability to live happily, be able to support themselves and not need lots of money to do it, have an understanding of nature and how life really works, and be able to grasp it from the mere child to the aged adult. My purpose is to open your eyes and hopefully help teach you what I’ve learned from my walks of life, my trials, my errors, and my triumphs, thus helping you to change your own life, your own surroundings, and make this world a better place for us all.


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